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Panelist at Unpaid Wages Discussion

On Friday I was a panelist on a discussion of a successful unpaid wages case…

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Successful Appeal Sets Important Precedent On Right to Impartial Juries

The Kaplan Law Firm's Matthew B. Kaplan obtained the reversal of his client's criminal conviction…

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Can People Who Think that the Justice System Is Racially Biased Be Excluded from Juries?

Last week I argued an important case, Mason v. United States (No. 15-CF-305), before the District…

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Appeals: First Amendment, Discrimination and Criminal Cases

March is turning out to be a  busy month for appellate matters.  The Kaplan Law…

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The Kaplan Law Firm Files Second Appeal in Important First Amendment Matter

I represent a client who was found in 2014 to have committed the crime of…

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Further Briefing in Important Fourth Circuit Civil Rights Case—Villa v. CavaMezze Grill

Opposing counsel in the Villa v. CavaMezze Grill case has filed their brief in opposition…

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Amicus Briefs Filed in Title VII Sex Discrimination/Retaliation Case

The case I mentioned in my June 30 post, Villa v. Cavamezze Grill LLC, is…

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