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Virginia Court of Appeals Agrees to Review Important Decision on Constitutional Rights

The Virginia Court of Appeals today granted a petition that I filed on behalf of…

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New DC Superior Court Debt Collection Practice Ignores the Law

In litigating throughout the country over the last decade, I have found that courts and…

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Due Process in Virginia: Amos v. Commonwealth

Think you have the right to basic due process—such as the right to have an…

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Problems With the DC Courts’ Website

For some inexplicable reason the DC courts’ website ( is not properly indexed by Google…

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Do not ignore a lawsuit!!

Many issues surrounding litigation are complicated.  But there is one straightforward, uncomplicated rule that applies…

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Virginia Landlords Are Not Responsible for Safety of their Tenants According to Virginia Supreme Court

A just released Virginia Supreme Court decision will further Virginia’s reputation as a landlord-friendly jurisdiction. …

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Securities Fraud: Questioning the Logic of a Criminal Investigation of J.P. Morgan

Press reports indicate that the FBI and the Department of Justice are investigating the huge…

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Real Estate Closings in New York

This weekend’s New York Times has an interesting article on residential real estate closings in…

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NPR Story on Important Internet Defamation Case

NPR’s On the Media program has an interesting story on the Crystal Cox case, in…

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