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The Kaplan Law Firm regularly represents employees who have not been paid wages they were owed by their employers or who have not been paid at the legally required overtime rate for overtime work.  The Firm recently filed four lawsuits alleging that its clients were not properly paid and are owed tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

One of these lawsuits is Torres v. Vap 1800 M Street LLC.  This lawsuit, which was filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia, alleges that the Vapiano restaurant chain–which is based in Germany but which operates numerous restaurants in the United States–failed to pay an employee at the overtime rate for extensive overtime work.

Another of the recently filed lawsuits is Zuniga v. Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.  The Plaintiffs’ complaint in this D.C. Superior Court case alleges that, operating through a subcontractor, Whiting-Turner, a major D.C. area construction contractor, and another Defendant, Commercial Interiors, Inc., failed to pay wages to several construction employees.  Failure to follow wage payment law is widespread in the D.C. area construction industry, with large contractors often using small subcontractors who they have every reason to believe will not be scrupulous about following the law.  Fortunately, in the District of Columbia contractors are responsible for the wage violation of their subcontractors.

Barrera-Aguirre v. Foulger-Pratt, LLC is another D.C. Superior Court case which alleges wage and hour violations by subcontractors to big players in the D.C. area construction industry, including Foulger-Pratt and Manganaro MidAtlantic LLC, a codefendant in the case.

The fourth recently filed lawsuit is Lama v. Saiprasad Medical Transport LLC.  This lawsuit, also in D.C. Superior Court, asserts that the Defendants, Saiprasad Medical Transport and the company’s owner, Moulin Lalaji, regularly failed to pay wages owed, including overtime, to persons they employed as drivers.

In several of these cases The Kaplan Law firm is representing its clients in conjunction with skilled cocounsel.