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The District of Columbia Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of Matt Kaplan’s client in a case that sets an important precedent. A principal issue in the case was whether convicted defendants who have been released on parole can seek a reduction of their sentence under D.C.’s Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act (“IRAA”). That statute permits individuals who committed crimes as young adults to seek a reduction of their sentences after they have served fifteen years in prison. Mr. Kaplan’s client had been sentenced to life in prison for murder but has been released on parole.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, which prosecutes serious crimes in D.C., has long argued that parolees cannot seek relief under the IRAA. In its April 11, 2024 decision the Court of Appeal rejected this interpretation, reversing the lower court’s decision and ruling that Mr. Kaplan’s client and others similarly situated could seek sentence reductions.

The case is United States v. Long. Matthew B Kaplan is The Kaplan Law Firm’s Principal Attorney. The District of Columbia’s Court of Appeals is D.C.’s highest “state” court.