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The Kaplan Law Firm represents small and midsize businesses in litigation in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland. We handle a wide array of business litigation, including breach of contract, violation of non-competition agreements, defense of alleged violations of labor and discrimination laws, debt collection, defamation and unfair competition.

Why should a business consider hiring The Kaplan Law Firm?

We think we offer our clients high quality representation on terms that small and mid-sized business entities can actually afford.

Matthew B. Kaplan, the Firm’s Principal Attorney, worked for nearly a decade at two of the country’s most respected law firms. Mr. Kaplan’s extensive experience in written advocacy in complex cases is one reason that The Kaplan Law Firm provides substantial value to its clients. While The Kaplan Law Firm does not hesitate to bring cases to trial—our opponents will always know that we will not hesitate to present our facts to a jury—the reality of the contemporary American judicial system is that important civil cases are largely decided by the written advocacy of the parties’ attorneys. In part, this is because the United States Supreme Court has strongly encouraged trial courts to resolve litigation with dispositive pre-trial motions—motions to dismiss or motions for summary judgment—and these motions are largely decided on the briefs filed with the trial court. Each side uses (or should use) briefing to apply the law to the facts of the case in the manner which best advances that side’s interests. And written advocacy matters even when it comes to settlement—the size of a settlement is greatly influenced by the strength of the complaint and other written argument filed in a particular case.

There are, of course, many law firms in the Washington, DC area which represent business litigants. But some small firms lack the resources—especially when it comes to attorneys with experience in producing high quality written advocacy—to pursue cases of any complexity. And larger firms tend to have high infrastructure costs that must be paid by client fees. At some firms, because of the pressure to bring in fees, there is tendency to overstaff cases and to drag matters out even when a quick settlement or the prompt filing of a dispositive motion would best serve the interests of the client. Costs for virtually any case can easily balloon to the point where the client may effectively end up a loser even if the client wins the lawsuit.

At The Kaplan Law Firm we pride ourselves in our ability to provide world-class representation at a reasonable price. We have the two things needed to provide this representation—an experienced and skilled litigator in our Principal Attorney, Matthew B. Kaplan, and access, through the Westlaw system, to an extensive library of case law and legal references materials from jurisdictions throughout the United States. What we do not have is a costly infrastructure which our clients must fund. Moreover, because we do not have high fixed costs, our business model does not require us to focus our attention on only those clients likely to generate high future billings. At The Kaplan Law Firm all of our clients are important.

Please contact us if you may be interested in having The Kaplan Law Firm represent you in ongoing or anticipated litigation.