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The full text of the United States Code is available here.

The full text of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which govern all civil actions in the federal courts, is available here.

The best analysis of opinions and developments at the United States Supreme Court can be found on the SCOTUS Blog, which is available here.

The District of Columbia Code — the codification of all major D.C. laws — is surprisingly hard to find via Google or other search engines, but it can be found here.

The Code of Maryland can be found here.

The Website of the District of Columbia court system can be found here. There is much useful information about the rules and practices of the D.C. courts on this website, but, although much improved recently, it can be hard to find because the site is difficult to search. One especially useful page provides information on self representation.  A page with links to all current D.C. Superior Court rules is available here. A link to a database showing the status of cases in D.C. Superior Court, going back many years, and including both open and close cases, can be found here.  In a significant step forward for public access most recently filed documents in most civil and criminal cases are now available online through the database.

The rules of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the highest “state” court in Washington, D.C., can be found here.  And a link to a database showing the status of cases before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals can be found here.

The Bar Association of the District of Columbia runs the only major lawyer referral service in the District of Columbia.  The service helps individuals who need an attorney find and attorney who meets certain minimum standards set by the Bar Association. Information about the service is available here or by emailing

Information from the U.S. Department of Labor on wages and hour law, including information about unpaid overtime and employers’ failure to pay the minimum wage, is available here.

The Kaplan Law Firm’s Facebook page is here.

The Kaplan Law Firm’s Spanish language Facebook page (Bufete de Abogados Kaplan) is here.